Marketing Services

Dominion Farms Ltd. has an established database of almost 700 dedicated organic growers and firm commitment from several organic processing/distribution companies. Our process is simple and acheivable through our five step program.

The Five Step Process

  1. Dominion Farms Ltd. receives order for organic product from buyers including: volume, quality and suggested price.
  2. Dominion Farms Ltd. informs producers about offers available for organic products including terms and obligations. (Note: You may find any updates in our News section)
  3. When an acceptable offer is mutually agreed upon by both parties, including terms and conditions, a binding contract is provided for both parties to sign.
  4. Dominion Farms Ltd. acts as a neutral third party and also receives copies of the signed contract with terms and conditions along with a sample of the product and a copy of the producer's organic certificate. All information will be retained by Dominion Farms Ltd. until all transactions between parties are complete to avoid any misunderstandings.
  5. Dominon Farms Ltd. will assist both parties in long term visions and future contracts.

What We Do

Procurement of:

  • cereal grains
  • pulse crops
  • forage
  • oil seeds
  • feed grains
  • livestock

Contracting for domestic and international sales.

Guidance in transition to organic production.

Dominion Farms Ltd. acts as a procurement agent and is compensated by both parties through the buyer/processor after all transactions are complete.